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Recommended DVDs About Down Syndrome

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Compiled by Dr. Len Leshin

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First Eighteen Months Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months
Will Schermerhorn, director. Blueberry Shoes Productions, 2003.
Produced by a father of a child with Down syndrome, this video contains inspiring stories of children with Down syndrome and interviews with medical experts about health care, nutrition, speech, and other issues that are important in the first eighteen months of life. An excellent DVD for any parent of a baby with Down syndrome.
What did you say? What Did You Say? A Guide to Speech Intelligibility in People with Down Syndrome
by Dr. Libby Kumin. Woodbine House, 2006.
Directed by one of the premier experts in language skills in people with Down syndrome, this video gives a comprehensive overview of the difficulties and solutions involved.
Pathways to better speech Discovery: Pathways to Better Speech for Children with Down Syndrome
by Dr. Libby Kumin, Dr. Sally Shott, Professor Sue Buckley and Dr Seigfried Puschel. Blueberry Shoes Productions, 2006.
This video emphasizes speech in the first seven years of life, and covers topics such as hearing, communication milestones, encouraging speech and building vocabulary.

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