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All e-mail sent to Dr. Leshin is treated as completely confidential and private, and will be shared with no other person except at the e-mailer's request. Occasionally, Dr. Leshin will keep some e-mails "on file" if he believes that he will need them for further correspondence with that e-mailer; these e-mails are kept on a hard drive that is accessible only to Dr. Leshin and are not copied electronically nor printed out. All other e-mails are deleted. No list of e-mail addresses is kept or made available to anyone else.

Since Dr. Leshin does not and will not treat patients over the internet, he is not entering into a patient-doctor relationship with e-mailers or relatives of the e-mailers. Nevertheless, Dr. Leshin believes strongly in the moral principal of confidentiality in medicine, and will not make public in any way any information given him regarding any matters shared with him. The subject matter of the e-mails will not be used in any manner except to answer the questions of the person sending the e-mail.

May 2007